31 Notions of Grace

Hello! Welcome to day one and my first time linking to The Nester’s 31 Day Writing Challenge.
Each day in October, I’ll be posting on the topic: Notions of Grace.

Please join me as I explore the idea of "grace". Every day I will add a link below to my most recent post. 
Wednesday October 1-Day 1: Move
Thursday October 2-Day 2: View
Friday October 3-Day 3: New
Saturday October 4-Day 4: Learn
Sunday October 5-Day 5: Stuck
Monday October 6-Day 6: Know
Tuesday October 7-Day 7: Go
Wednesday October 8-Day 8: Say
Thursday October 9-Day 9: Join
Friday October 10-Day 10: Care
Saturday October 11-Day 11: Teach

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