Oct 3, 2014

31 Notions of Grace Day 3...New

When I initially started planning and thinking about my 31 days of writing I decided I wasn't going to give myself a time limit. Typically Five Minute Friday is just that--5 minutes. I didn't think I could  do it that fast soooo I left the time frame open. And for the most part, that is what I am going to do. On Friday's however I am going to push myself and stick to the 5 minutes.

Today's Five Minute Friday Prompt is :: New

             annnnnd go,

New, the whole idea of blogging is not new for me. However, the idea of really digging deeper and searching for ways to "do life" with notions of Grace is new.  Some days I feel like wow you're really rocking this idea. You're lovin' on everybody, even when they don't deserve it, and despite them showing the exact opposite of Grace. 

And other days...well, maybe its not so good.

You argue with your husband in the morning. You're not as forgiving when things aren't done quickly!

You're impatient with your two year old when trying to get him dressed and out the door in a timely manner so you can be to work on time.

And then...as you're on your way to work and thinking about all of the things you have to get done today, and how at school today its the emergency evacuation drill and you will be missing out on two periods of the day, and how you have your formal observation next week and feel unprepared when maybe a couple years ago you would have had it planned down to the second weeks ago, and maybe a colleague is rubbing you the wrong way and you do not wish to be in his/her presence today, you have to stop dead in your tracks. 
Because there is a massive tree laying all the way across the road. 

Yes, this was me today. And as I sat their contemplating what I should do I realized...God was saying: hey, you can't do a whole lot today if you keep going with the attitude you have, slow down sister.

Slow your mind

Slow your pace

Don't let the anxiety overcome you...

Everything you're stressed about could come to a screeching halt like traffic did this morning. The house on that side of the road has quite a mess to clean up, they as well as some of their neighbors probably do not have power this morning and are probably going to be late to whatever they had going on today. 

In two words the image of the fallen tree said: "CHILL OUT!"

And so just like that my first opportunity to show Grace was to myself. 

Not exactly what I had planned but, as is usually the case, I'm not the one making the plan.

                 Thanks for the (maybe not so graceful) reminder ;o)

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