Oct 11, 2014

31 Notions of Grace Day 11...Teach


I have taken some pretty difficult classes in the past, both in high school (calculus--) and college (too many to list). 

However, the most difficult class I have taken, and am still enrolled in, is this class called parenting.

And good heavens the teacher can be very demanding.

But look at this face...

He has taught me all sorts of things.

In the way of grace he has taught so very much.

He has taught me to take time to play and enjoy simple things.
     My perpective has totally changed since Ethan came into my life. Things that seem so small and unimportant are now so exciting and new. Just playing with a cardboard box is super awesome to this little guy. I am more apt to recognize the small and simplistic beauty during my day because of Ethan.

He has taught me that its ok to admit when I need help.
     My issue with control (that I've spoken about previously) makes it very difficult for me to admit defeat or that I can't do it all on my own. While he is definitely 2 1/2 and thinks he can do anything...he will also very willingly say "I need help mommy" if he needs it without being concerned how he might be perceived. Plain and simple--he needs help, so he asks. This is a nice reminder to me to also reach out and accept/rely on those who love me and just want to help.

He has taught me to trust.
     For someone who prided herself on her ability to take control, get things done, and keep things very neat, orderly and organized...this whole parenting thing has taught me that I'm soooo NOT in control. I've felt inadequate and overwhelmed more than I ever thought I could. Mothering Ethan has tested my faith in a million ways. This has forced me to lean into God and his faithfulness. He reminds me that praying to God for patience, wisdom, or peace for my soul is ok and that I am dependend on God.

I am so thankful to God for giving putting this teacher in my life! I have learned so much in these last two years and am so grateful for these daily reminders of Grace.

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