May 6, 2010

The source of my pride tonight...

I have a few "occasions" coming up that I need to somewhat dress up for. I found this fabric the other day on a trip to JoAnns and tried to imagine a skirt as I stood there staring at it and contemplating buying it. Well obviously I did, and I am very glad I did. I pictured a very "Mrs. Cleaver" type of skirt and me making it with that cheesy music on those Kelly Ripa commercials for Electrolux Appliances playing in my head. This however did NOT happen. I don't know about anyone else who tries their hands at sewing clothing but patterns are pathological liars. I looked at the measurements and decided I needed to make a size 12 (not my typical size, mind you! only another reason to hate patterns)...BUT when I cut it all out, darted where I needed to put darts, and sewed the zipper in........

IT  DIDN'T FIT!!!!! >:O and oooh I was fuming.

Thank goodness I have a patient husband who knew this and knew that his "suggestions" and my  barking back were purely because I was upset that this image of a perfect little skirt was quickly fading. And if I'm going to be really honest, he is the one who gave me the suggestions for how to make it work out. I took out 2 of the darts suggested on the pattern and voila! :o)

So tonight I made this...

What do you think?! =)

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