Apr 30, 2010

My attempt at "Going Green"

Coffee anyone?

So, remember this picture from a few days ago??

I recently saw a pattern for a little cozy fabric wrap for around a coffee cup and it was in fabric that was way cute!

And then I thought to myself, well I could do that...its just a matter of figuring out how much fabric to use to wrap around the cup. Then I had the brilliant idea--use the cardboard ones they give you as a pattern/template. The pattern I saw looked like they used a piece of Velcro to hold it together...I wanted a sort of "hook" so I used a hair tie and a button (and I also have this odd distaste for Velcro, it just looks cheap to me and sometimes gunk and little fuzzies get stuck in it and it ends up looking gross--sorry for that rant). I also didn't use cotton batting like the pattern recommended, but some leftover quilt batting I had.

And so all of that fabric above is for making these:
What do you think? :o)


  1. courtney! Its jenn greutman (blakely), i came here via facebook and i love it! So good to see you 'embracing your inner domestic goddess'. Dones't it feel good to create things?!! And judging from your coffee cozies, you are GOOD!!! :) looking forward to seeing more. bless you!

  2. It DOES feel good to create! When I said its therapeutic I meant it...some days after teaching all day, I just need to let my mind veg out--and creating/cooking works for me! It was good to hear from you...I'm a MakeMineBlue follower now! :o)



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