Apr 29, 2010

what started out as Veggie Pizza...

and then turned into BBQ chicken pizza with some veggies...only to then become chicken pizza sans the BBQ

I had originally planned to make a regular pizza with just veggies, no meat. But if you know my husband you can guess why it is no longer just a veggie pizza...not that he doesn't like veggie pizza, he just would rather have some sort of meat on it. This is fine...I had time to cook some chicken up, and I THOUGHT we had enough BBQ sauce (rather than pizza sauce), but no dice, so I'm now calling it Veggie Chicken Pizza. :o)

I use the whole wheat crust they have at Wegmans (my happy place) and this time, trying to be frugal and all, I bought a bag of frozen onions, red peppers, green peppers, and yellow peppers--the fresh peppers are just far too expensive right now. Then I spread the pizza sauce on the crust, threw the shredded chicken on \, some veggies, some mozzarella cheese, some more veggies (so they crisp up in the oven) and Voila!

Here she is pre-quality time with the oven...

And here she is after...yummo

I cut out some more pieces of my new project while the pizza was cooking...but tonight is the one night I spend the evening watching TV...Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice--hopefully they're not reruns!

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