Apr 28, 2010

not so grilled hamburgers...

We were supposed to have hamburgers on the grill last night...and we did end up having hamburgers just not from the grill. I knew we were out of propane for the grill so on my way home I stopped at Walmart to get a new tank. Now, our little Weber "Baby Q" will only take the tall, blue, used for blow torches propane tank...it will not take the little squatty Coleman type, which was unfortunate last night because yes, Walmart was out.  :(
The nice older gentleman was very grandfather-ly and was trying to help me out by giving me a bunch of placed I could go to get one...but this was after work, after I had already spent time in Walmart getting a few other things I needed...so I did not want to go anywhere else but home. So... Mr. George Foreman to the rescue. It seems sort of silly to put a "recipe" because anyone can mush some hamburger into a patty and grill it...but here is what I mixed in with the burger:  garlic powder, onion salt, Worcestershire sauce, parmesan cheese, and a small amount of breadcrumbs. We had them on whole wheat rolls with salad and corn. And they were YUMMY! :)

Tonight I'm flyin solo for dinner...Aaron will be at work sort of late tonight so I will most likely have some gourmet eggs and toast since Wednesdays are typically "Breakfast Night". Since this type of dinner will take no time at all it will give me time to get back to my current "new projects" that I am working on...here is a glimpse of the fun fabric I am using.

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