Jul 6, 2013

Two years??.......What?!?!

Lately I've been getting the 'itch' to get back to my blog.

Looking at the previous post it is obvious that it has been almost two years since I have even thought about posting...one month shy of two years actually. However, a lot has happened/changed that delayed posting anything to my blog.

The most significant and best change is definitely... 
Ethan C. Taylor
April 2012

This has been the greatest but most demanding time in my life thus far. My pregnancy was pretty textbook, labor was not (more on that at a later date), but the the past year has been very busy and if I wasn't feeding, bathing, rocking, or trying to get Ethan to sleep I was finally eating myself and sleeping when I could. Ethan was (and sometimes continues to be) a very tough baby. Colic, ravenous every hour of every day it seemed, and about 5 ear infections in less than 3 months which led to ear tubes certainly made things very challenging, but honestly its very easy to brush that aside when you see this every day:
Ethan C. Taylor 
June 2013

On top of this big change we have also sold our house, bought one we have been wanting to buy for some time, and have finally moved in and are getting settled. 

I'm looking forward to writing again and documenting our life...

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