Aug 10, 2011 homemade ironing board cover/replacement.

 Tonight was one of those nights...I got home from work, Aaron was not going to be home for dinner, I didn't REALLY want to do any normal housework type of things...but I wanted to do something. I moseyed on down to my "woman cave" (slash sewing room) and started putsing around in there. I believe this ironing board was Aaron's from his first few years of college--and it shows. I can't iron anything on it with out getting these weird crease marks in my fabric. I thought about getting rid of it a few times but for some reason I've kept it. Now I know why! I took one long look at the mini-ironing board you see here and're done-for Ironing Board Cover. I am slightly embarrassed to even put the before pictures up. But here they are:
Look at that one -------------------->
 No wonder I was getting weird creases in my fabric. The padding is completely gone on this one.

There were holes.

I tried to remove what was left of the padding and fell apart in my hands.

Since Aaron and I are venturing to see his sister and husband soon and I am taking my sewing stuff with me (including machine) to help her make some curtains for their new house...I thought it might be nice to have this little ironing board as well. But, it was not making the trip looking like that!

To re-do the cover here are the steps I took: 

 First off, I took off the old funky cover and all of the lining. There she is...all naked...

 Then I proceeded to take out all of the stitching around the edge of the funky cover. It took quite a while...
I did this not only to get the string out that held the cover to the metal board, but also to use the funky cover as a pattern for the new one. You can see it pinned to the new fancy fabric.

Then I cut out the fabric, using the old cover as a pattern.

See how nice it looks...all cut out. Don't mind the folding wrinkles... :O) I then used a very hot iron on the steam setting to fold down my edges ...big enough to at least get a string or ribbon through the edges of the new ironing board cover so that the cover could be put around the board.Then I sewed the top little portion of fabric to the larger piece. This piece sort of makes the ironing board cover look like one of those hooded baby towels :op.  After that I continued to sew all the way around the project. 

As soon as that was done I threaded a piece of ribbon all around the edge that I just sewed. Then I put new batting down, placed the cover on, tightened it down...and VOILA :O)

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