Jun 1, 2011


Happy June everyone...doesn't seem possible, but at the same time I'm welcoming it with open arms. It's been a very long, busy, stressful school year...and I'm ready for a break. I think I end up with more anxiety over final exams than my students do...

This past weekend was probably one of the best weekends I have had in a while. It was so nice to be with "The Seven" again...all in one room, no one with us via Skype...everyone in one room at the same time, sitting around the same table. Who knows when that might happen again?! :)

Here's the proof that we were all together: 

For this Memorial Day we were graced with an extra day off from school...so we had Friday through Tuesday off. Because of that extra day off I was able to complete June's Dinner Plan on time. Go me! To see it go here.

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