Jul 14, 2011

Out of school for 10 years...yikes

This is one of those, "wow its been 10 years already" and "man, only 10 years" things.

On one hand it didn't seem possible that we (my classmates and I) graduated from our little ol' school 10 years ago...and on the other it was like "man it seems like forever ago".

To be honest though, not much has changed. One of us commented that for the most part we all look the same. There are some additions to classmates...significant others, spouses, babies, toddlers, and children. But, for the most part we all already knew that--ahh the beauty of Facebook.

We enjoyed a nice afternoon together having a potluck dinner, some pool time, corn hole, and kan jam. Following this, some of the boys organized a band on the beach and so we continued our evening at Barcelona.

It was nice to catch up and be reminded of some great years. Hopefully our 20th will be just as great...I'm thinking we will look different for that one. :O)

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