Mar 18, 2011

Spring?? Is that you??!

YAY...most of the snow has melted. 

And some how March is almost over! This month just started yesterday and all of a sudden its March 18th. Next week is the end of a marking period already...and then we will be moving into the FINAL marking period of the school year. We are quickly creeping into Regents Exam territory (eek!).
        It just doesn't seem possible!

This month has been full of all sorts of goodness. To start, we had an overnight with our Youth Group kids followed by a Rock-A-Thon. They had fun, we had fun, and I can now say I have finally been a part of a Star Wars marathon...on a big screen nonetheless! Soon there will be an update on the HYG blog...

Then Aaron was a part of the team on a Men's Koinonia weekend. He had to speak about the Christian Community and he did a marvelous job (or so I hear). I couldn't have been more proud...he was unsure about it at first, but after some poking and prodding from God, our church family, and me ;o)...I think he is glad he was a part of it. It was great to attend bits and pieces of the weekend that the Koinonia community as a whole is a part of (with my family and church family) and see him, as well as half of the men from our church, smiling and happy.

Also, I have decided to begin running. The stress level in my life recently has hit an all time high...and it was taking quite a toll on my body. Mainly manifesting itself in headaches and stomach aches, issues after eating,etc. I/we have changed some daily things...mostly in the area of what I/we are eating (cut out aspartame--mainly me) more microwavable meals (ie-Lean Cuisines). More natural, non-processed foods. We really didn't eat that many to begin with, especially for dinner, but now they are gone from lunch too minus a few granola bars, crackers, etc.
But back to the running...I typically would use the Elliptical machine in the school's fitness center. One day both were being used, so I jumped on the treadmill instead...and what do you know, I liked it! For some reason I had always steered clear of it, thinking I wouldn't like to run that way...but I actually like it. Its a great way to clear my head from school stress, or a good way to focus on something that is bothering me w/out other distractions. I'm in a much better mood when I get home...AND I am starting to see some differences in how my clothes fit. YAY! My goal is to keep at this for the rest of the school year at "prize" for doing that will be some new, maybe higher quality, sneakers...or maybe some "running shoes". I'm just like my students in this sense--I need a prize or something to motivate me--ha!

In other news...we will soon be doing this:
And I am beyond excited!

 Aaron and I have not taken a vacation just the two of us in a while...since our Honeymoon actually. Given that the stress-o-meter has been off the chart lately, we both decided it was time to go and get away. A friend and her significant other are going as well...but essentially it is just Aaron and I. 

I know that after this vacation I will be ready to hit the ground running when we are back to school...and push through until Regents week. 

In recent craftiness... I have made a few sets of these for Easter for a few little girls I know.  Super easy to make and sooo, sooo cute!
You can find the pattern and tutorial here.
The Purl Bee is one of my most favorite blogs to read/follow!

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